Advertisement can be placed at one of the following location. Prices for different for different locations. Advertisements in our posts will cost $ 5/post. If you select any specific post to display your advertisement, that particular post will not include any other advertisement and the advertisement will be displayed without any expiry date.

  • Header Top: max. ads width 468px
  • Header Bottom: max. ads width 960px
  • Sidebar 1: Advertisement width 300 px Top
  • Sidebar 1 Bottom: Advertisement. ads width 300 px
  • Sidebar 2 Top: Advertisement ads width 300 px
  • Sidebar 2 Bottom: Advertisement ads width 300 px
  • Post Top: Advertisement. ads width 600 px
  • Post Bottom: Advertisement ads width 600 px
  • Footer: Advertisement ads width 960 px

You can even select any other place like middle of the post, top of any video etc for your advertisements.

Please mail us at or use the form below for further details.

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