Getting regular readers is the ultimate goal of every bloggers. Visitors come to your blog form number of places like search engines, article directories, blog catalogs, social networking websites, social bookmarking websites etc. The time they spend on your website and their subsequent visit depends on content of your website and how you treat your visitors. Giving the personalized touch to your readers is must to gain regular visitors. You should make a family with your readers. Following are the ways to improve readership by this way

  • Ask questions to your readers in blog posts. It will motivate them to think on your niche area.
  • You should encourage visitors to post comments on your blog.
  • Whenever a reader posts a comment on any blog post, you should reply them without delay. Reader should not feel ignored. You can also refer reader’s comments in next posts.
  • More engagement and association with readers will encourage them to share your blogs with their friends.
  • Posts should be balance of quality, entertainment and humor.
  • Regularly update the blog. Without this random visitor cannot be converted to regular one.
  • Ask for suggestions from visitors and regular readers.
  • E-mail to regular readers (subscribers). You should inform them about any updates.
  • You should disclose your identity though “About Me” option. Your location, qualifications etc help readers to make you an online friend. Nobody can be connected easily with a virtual identity.
  • Never use harsh or insulting words in your blog posts.
  • You should encourage visitors to get subscribed.
  • You should give sharing options for your articles to your visitors. If they like something, there should be option to share it with their friends. It will grow your family.

Source: Article first published in Blogger’s Magazine.