Networked Blogs is a Facebook application. It is one of the way to promote your blog though Facebook community. At present more the 0.3 million blogs are networked by Networked Blogs application. Following are the steps to use this application.

  • Add Networked Application by visiting its url. To add this application you need to follow at least five blogs of your choice.
  • On the top of the application page there is option for “Register a Blog”. Enter your details in the form.
  • Your blog will be added to the list of Networked Blogs only when you verify the ownership for the blog. There are two ways to verify the ownership. First is at least 10 of your friends should approve it or alternatively you can add an html code to your blog for a short time. Verification by second way is very easy and takes only few minutes. After verification you can remove the application html if you want.
  • Next step is invite your friends to join your blog network.
  • Once you reach the stage of wider readership (that is more than 11), you can publish your blog posts automatically to your Facebook profile or fan page.
  • You can also add a widget to your blog sidebars. Your readers can easily find you on Facebook. Html to add this widget can be obtained form your profile. Just go to “Blogs I Write” section on the Networked Blogs profile and click on your blog details. On right hand side is the option for widget code. Paste this code to sidebar or any place wherever you want.

Source: Article first published in Blogger’s Magazine.