Introduction to Blog Orgnanization

Blog Organization was started in 2010. Blog is an online platform which can be used by anybody to express their knowledge, thoughts, experiences and feelings on any particular topic with rest of the world. Blog Organization aims to cover all aspects of blogging. If any bloggers come to us they should get everything they can think of. Our contents are not only useful for bloggers but it is worth for anybody looking for similar knowledge.

Niche Blogging is a synonym for blogging as blogs are mainly focused on certain key areas/topics. To give the feel of niche blogging, we maintain few niche blogs. Following are the list of our niche blogs
1)      Love Guru Tips: Discussion on love and relationship
2)      Fashion Blog: Articles on fashion and for database of models
3)      Flirt Expert: Discuss about flirting
4)      Photography Blog: Discuss various aspects of photography
5)      Music Blog: Discuss various aspects of audio and video
6) Discussion on ethics

Your contributions/ opportunities

1) Donation: You can donate genuinely to support our initiatives. Donation will be used to improve our services.

3) Job: At present we offer only part time working opportunities. We also give certificates of experience. Your contribution and skills will be mentioned on certificate. Students are specially encouraged to apply for summer/winter internship.
4) Internship: Enthusiastic people are encouraged to associate with us at any time. We are looking for people with good computer skills and expert in any of our focus area. Even people with normal skill/knowledge can apply. Only requirement for our internship program is a computer with internet connection. You can choose the assignment from our list or you can design your own keeping our focus area in the mind. Any form of contribution (major or minor) will be acknowledged through providing certificate by Blog Organization. Students are specially encouraged to apply for internship during their vacation. Internship can be used as a platform to gain skills. It can help you in getting permanent job or starting your own initiatives.

The compensation/payment given for part time job offer or internship are given in respective blogs. For Blog Organization/ and our other blogs it is around

  1. Per unique articles: $ 0.1-10
  2. Per news article in respective niche area: ($ 0.1-2)

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the above mentioned options.

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