Suddenly all cryptocurrency is making big news around the world. Everybody is asking the question that is this right time to invest? Most of the people are afraid that bitcoin rise is a bubble and it’s going to burst. Anyways if you are convinced that you are going to invest in cryptocurrency then Coinbase is the preferred place for most of the people to buy three most popular cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. As per my knowledge, it accounts for about one-third of the total transaction around the world and they are very good at taking government licences before operating in any state.

IOTA is also making big news these days after the partnership with big companies like Microsoft. The concept of IOTA is little confusing for many the people. It took a lot of time to find what exactly IOTA is? However, IOTA is meant for small payment so it was designed to do micro-payments. That’s why the smallest unit is IOTA. But it is very difficult for trading exchanges to deal with such a small unit so most of them indicate price as MIOTA (1 Mi= 1,000,000 IOTA). Binance (Best for USA) or Bitfinex (Best for Non-USA) are the best places to buy IOTA. However, it can not be purchased directly here. You need to buy other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, litecoin, Ethereum first somewhere (maybe from Coinbase) then you need to transfer that to Binance balance and then you can buy IOTA with that balance. In other words, this is just the exchange and not the actual buying with dollars. Few people also sell IOTA on eBay but beware and not confuse between IOTA and MIOTA. As previously mentioned, all trading exchanges list IOTA as MIOTA and current price shown in all graphs and newspapers represent the price of 1 MIOTA and not the 1 IOTA. Current market price of 1 MIOTA (=1,000,000 IOTA) is about ~&4-5) as on December 12, 2017, while its available on eBay anywhere between $20-100. So if you have only this option to buy and if you are ready to give extra dollars then you can opt for this option as well. Some people also sell cryptocurrencies on local sites like craigslist, offer up, letgo etc. But you should be extremely careful as these are just the digital assets and transfer between individuals is based on the code. There is no proof for such exchanges and you either cannot claim your receipt or difficult to analyze the transfer.

I am not the cryptocurrency expert so you should take extreme precaution before purchasing any such currency. Is this the right time to think about cryptocurrency and can I afford to miss the bus at this right time before becoming unaffordable?