There is worldwide increase in the number of mobile users. With the invent of high end mobiles the web browsing in mobile has become easier. Webmasters have to implement certain modifications on the website to make it mobile friendly, if there are sufficient number of visitors from mobile devices. The knowledge of the visitors coming from mobile devices is useful. The easiest way to know the number of visitors coming from mobile devices is using Google Analytics. It also tells the number of visits on your website from each mobile operating systems along with number of pages visited and the time spent by visitors on your site. You can also check your earning (through Google adsense) through traffic from each of these devices. Following is the way to check mobile traffic through Google Analytics.

1) Open your account in Google Analytics. Attach your Google AdSense account with analytics if you want to see earning through each section of your site.

2) Login to Google Analytics. You can navigate to browse various options.

3) Click on the Visitors link on left side menu. Visitors submenu has option to see Mobile traffic.

4) Click on Mobile.

5) Now you can check your mobile visitors along with operating system as seen in picture below.

Google Analytics - mobile visitors

Know mobile traffic through Google Analytics