Forums and chat rooms are one of the most favorite places for meeting of like-minded people. Forums are available on almost every possible topic. There are also many theme based chat rooms on web. You can easily publicize your blogs/websites there. People will definitely visit your site if your niche area matches with their interest. This is also useful to gain targeted and regular visitors. Such visitors will stay on your website for longer period and will visit more often. May forum provide facility to leave signature in the posted questions and comments. One can use link to your personal website or any article in the signature. If you have any published article related to any questions being discussed in the forum; you can easily divert the forum members to your content by giving back link in the comment. You should always remember that any back-link left anywhere will generate traffic for lifetime. Your site links at different places in web also helps to rank your site higher. As all forums are also listed in the search engines; those comments and posts will also appear in the search results. Many times the rank of the forum is higher compared to original source in the search engine, therefore it appear higher in the search engine. Therefore it is the indirect way of referral traffic coming from search engine via forums. Similarly you can convince like-minded people in theme based chat rooms to visit your site. Interest of the forum and chat room member on that particular topic is the key to gain visitors. Your quality contents will further convert these referred visitors into regular visitors. Examples of the good forum include Digital Points Forum, Blogger’s forum etc. Chat rooms can be found at Yahoo Chat, RediffBol etc. However you should not misuse the forums and chat rooms. Inappropriate and non-relevant questions and comments may lead to ban on your subscriptions from those forums. People may think that you are using this platform only for your publicity and they will not be convinced to visit your website. This will lead to complete waste of your time. Relevant comments will convince them about your knowledge in the field and they will be motivated to visit your site.

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Source: Article first published in Blogger’s Magazine.