If you are not satisfied with the service of a web host then you can move to another host. Moving a wordPress blog from one host to another don’t need any great skills. WordPress has inbuild feature to do so. WordPress has option of  “export and import” to move your blog from one place to another. Please follow the following steps to move your blog

  • Go to WordPress dashboard. Click on Tools followed by export.  You will get the option to download a file including everything present in your WordPress blog. Click on “Download Export File”. Save the file in your computer.


  • Now again go to your new WordPress site dashboard. Click on Tools followed by import.  Various option to import the file will come. Select WordPress in the list.

Import WordPress

  • You have to select the path of the exported file from old WordPress site (file saved in step 1). Select “Upload file and Import”.  With this you have done with importing the contents of your old WordPress site (However themes and plugins are not replaced). If import function is not giving problem then please download and activate the plugin – WordPress Importer.

  • You can use any FTP client to download the themes and plugins from the old host to new host. You can replace everything except “wp-config.php” file which include the basic settings of your new website. “wp-config.php” remains in the root folder wherever WordPress is installed. Activate the appropriate theme and plugins in new location.
  • Although not required you can copy complete “wp-content” through a FTP client.

Note: The above method doesn’t include the contents of additional WordPress sites installed in sub domains and sub folders of main domian.  If you have any sub directories and sub domains for your blog (main domain), then you have to repeat the above steps for them as well. If you have installed content management system other than WordPress in the sub folders and sub domains then please follow method suitable for those software. However for WordPress installed anywhere, the above method can be used and offcourse a new WordPress installation has to be done at new domain before initiating the process.

Note: The above method work very well if you want to change the web host. However, if you want to move the WordPress site to new domain then internal links to pages and references to images are not updated and the permalinks or urls embedded in the content will not work. To solve this issue you can download and activate the “Velvet Blues Update URLs” plugin.  After activation of this plugin, simply enter your old domain URL and the new one.  It will change the everything within seconds. This plugin is also very important if you are maintaining a cloned copy of your website in your personal computer (which you should always do to prevent mishaps and getting everything lost) using software like XAMPP (Windows PC) and LAMPP (Linux PC). Additionally you should also update your feed url and modify PPC destination url if using advertising with AdWords, Yahooa and others.

Now enjoy, you have successfully cloned the new WordPress website with contents and look of old one. HAPPY BLOGGING.

Source: Article first published in Blogger’s Magazine.