Improving Traffic To Websites And Blogs

Even 100 percent CTR will not lead to high earnings if there are only a handful of visitors coming to your website and blog. Therefore along with the optimization of the ads, traffic management is also very important. Following are the ways to improve traffic coming to your website and blog.

  1. Submit site to the Search Engines: The search engine is the most preferred way to look for information. Most people search for required information first in the search engine. The choice of the search engine varies from person to person. People may prefer Google, Bing, AOL, Ask, etc over others as their first choice. Statistically, Google is the market leader in web searches and most people prefer it.
  2. Search engine optimization: Submission of the site to search engines is not the only solution for good traffic. Your site should come at the top of the web searches. Unless it comes at the top pages, people will ignore your site. The two most important things for SEO are “keywords and links”. Almost every website is based on a niche area. To describe any niche there are keywords for example keywords for a website based on education can be primary education, secondary education, career, teaching, classroom, study material, teacher, scholarship, etc. Your site contents should have a good density of appropriate keywords; otherwise, your site will be wrongly listed and the ads appearing on your site will not match the contents. The density of appropriate keywords should be around 2-10 %. You should use these keywords in titles, main content, and meta tags. You should also maintain good titles for categories, subcategories, and directories. These are the ways you have arranged your content. It helps search engines to properly index your site. Keywords are also very important for the display of appropriate ads. These ads will match with your information added in the title, metatags, etc. If you add inappropriate keywords then ads will also be non-matching. Therefore you should never manipulate keywords just to PageRank. 
    My experiences in the research field give me an idea about the importance of links. In science, the more the citation, the greater the value of the article. It simply shows that lots of people are using it, therefore it must be useful. Google also uses the same principle. If the number of links to your site and webpages is more than your ranking will be high and it will appear higher in search results. Links placed at sites having higher PageRank will increase the value of your site (and weblinks). Similarly, the links coming from a site specialized in that particular keyword (your niche) will have more value than totally unrelated sites. Therefore link exchange with sites specialized in your niche is important. Those links also bring visitors to your site. However, if the visitors are coming through links on totally unrelated sites, such untargeted traffic may affect the CTC and CPC. There are ways to improve links to a site.
  3. Easy navigation: It is not tough for a site with few links to manage navigation. It becomes difficult as the site content increases. One has to do something to improve navigation to the whole content through the home page and through each of your articles/posts. Browsing to whole contents should be done through each of the internal links. The more people browse your site; the more is the possibility of higher CTC (click-through-rate).
  4. Online Advertisements: It is a way to buy traffic at a cheap rate (through placing advertisements) and sell it high (through ads). Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram Ads, and Reddit Ads, are the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site at some cost. These advertising networks enable the presentation of your ads at the top of their search results and on user accounts, particularly in the case of social media.
  5. Offline marketing: One can use press, radio, television, and other direct marketing strategies to publicize personal sites. Placing ads in newspapers has one additional advantage. Your ads will also appear in their online version. Such exposure helps to acquaint people with the name of your site. They may think you are an expert in the field. Whenever they look for that information, your content may be preferred over others. Publication in press releases is very easy. Publication of your article in the newspaper is possible if you have something interesting which can be useful for the public. You may have a success story for your blog. You may have expertise in some field that you can share with the general public.
  6. Freebies: You can distribute freebies like t-shirts, caps, glass, etc during any event as freebies. You can add your site URL to these freebies.
  7. Sponsorship: You can sponsor any event or conference in your niche. It is a way to get wider publicity and you will give many targeted visitors to your site.

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