Get paid for your innovative ideas

Knowledge is the key to success in every field. Expertise in any field can be converted to a lucrative sum of money. Your existing occupation holds no significance when it comes to capitalizing on your idea. Numerous online platforms provide this chance, serving as intermediaries connecting idea seekers (innovators and sponsors) with creative concepts. The concept resides with you, and the idea seeker seeks it for commercial gain. Monetizing your idea independently may pose challenges, such as your current profession, limited investment funds, or a lack of workforce. However, there’s no need to feel powerless; your knowledge holds value. Below is a compilation of websites that can connect you with potential buyers for your innovative ideas.

  1. IdeaConnection
  2. Ninesigma
  3. Innovation Exchange
  4. Wazoku Crowd
  5. Innoget
  6. Presans
  7. Yourencore
  8. Yet2

The fundamental principle behind these websites is Crowdsourcing. Individuals seeking ideas or innovations post their requirements on these platforms. Registered members can access these requests through the online interface and receive regular emails specifying needed innovations in their expertise. Members are then free to submit their entries, and the sponsor selects the best among them. The process also works in reverse; you can provide a brief of your innovative idea, and interested sponsors can contact you for further details.

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