How Google AdSense publishers get paid

AdSense payment is made either monthly or after a particular hold. Google doesn’t delay the payment if publishers exceed the threshold limit of payment. The payment threshold depends on the type of currency chosen to display the AdSense earnings in the publisher account. For example, it is $100 for U.S. Dollars and €70 for Euro, etc. The finalized earnings can be a little less than the live display of earnings of last month. This is because Google validates the accuracy of earnings at the end of each month which involves detailed activities on your account. Finalized earning is displayed on the account on the 8th day of the next month. If publishers cross the payment threshold Google pays the publisher through their chosen way.

However, even after crossing the payment threshold payment can only be made if you have fulfilled the following 3 requirements.

  • Given Tax Information details
  • The process of address verification is complete
  • You have chosen the preferred payment method

Your Google AdSense “account setting” has the option to fill in these details.

Google provides five options for receiving payments.

  • U.S. Dollar checks
  • Local currency checks
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Western Union Quick Cash
  • Rapida

All of the above payment options are not available to publishers from different countries. For example, publishers from the USA can opt for any of these options while in India payment is possible through checks and EFT. In India, Google sends checks through Blue Dart Courier. There is a payment hyperlink in your account which you can use to track AdSense checks. Here you can get payment details containing payment number, payment amount, currency exchange rate, and Blue Dart Tracking number. Blue Dart website ( can be used to track your delivery.

That’s it. Simply accumulate enough impressions and clicks to generate income and receive payment.

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