Using Google AdSense for earning money

Googlebot is a program by which Google constantly examines and reads web pages. It reads keywords, language, structure and formatting of the web contents. After examining these things Google sends AdSense ads to a particular website/webpage. The related ads entice visitors to click on them. As Googlebot also examines the language of the blog, the ads appear in that language. Google AdSense ads are available in many languages. Following are some of the facts you should know about Google AdSense.

  • Googlebot takes time to scan the contents. Therefore older blogs have a better chance of more appropriate ads. If the blog is loaded with inappropriate keywords then ads will also not match with the contents. Therefore you should always focus on the theme (niche) of the blog. You should regularly include the proper keywords in the title and contents of the post. It helps in getting more appropriate ads. But avoid adding lots of keywords without having any significance. Visitors will be annoyed by the inappropriate use of keywords.
  • The author should minimize the number of graphics in the blog. AdSense prefers pages with textual materials and dislikes many graphics on the same page. Larger and bold texts are given more importance compared to normal text by the Googlebot.
  • Copying the free content available on the internet can ban you from AdSense. Therefore you should avoid duplication of the information already available somewhere else.
  • If you don’t want your competitor ads to appear on your website, you can include this restriction on your account while creating the code for the ad unit.
  • AdSense simply saves the time for the publishers to search for the advertisers which can pay them for publicizing products related to the theme of the blog.
  • The best thing about the AdSense ad is that you can dedicate specific sections in the blog for those ads and then can forget about it. Subsequently, you can focus on other things like making blog content rich. Therefore it is the best way to get passive income.
  • How much Google pays you for the clicks is not completely known. Google never disclosed this. Traffic to your website and an average number of clicks also matter. Some click pay in cents while others can pay in dollars. The value of ads depends on the specific topic and keywords. Google never tells which clicks get paid more. However, ads related to topics like finance and education generally pay more while those related to electronics, etc pay less.
  • You can use the AdSense referral option. If you prefer other publishers to use AdSense, you will get some percentage of money earned by those new publishers. The earnings of the referred publishers will not be affected by this and your payment is not the sharing of their earned money. Google pays you only a part of the money given by advertisers. Therefore the money you get as a percentage by referring AdSense to other publishers is a share of Google’s profit and not of new publishers.
  • Finally, you don’t have to play games with Google or your reader to get money. You just have to make your blog content rich. It will automatically drive traffic to your blog. Regularly updated good content will convert random visitors into regular visitors. And more traffic is the synonym for more clicks on ads which in turn leads to more income.

Earning money through this method is not limited to Google AdSense. Although AdSense holds broad recognition among advertising networks, there are additional viable alternatives that operate on a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) model, where you earn revenue each time a visitor clicks on an ad, here are some options:

  1. Operates on a PPC model and provides contextual ads similar to AdSense.
  2. Bidvertiser: Offers a PPC model where you earn revenue based on the number of clicks on ads displayed on your website.
  3. Adversal: Provides PPC-based advertising and offers a straightforward platform for publishers.
  4. Clicksor: Offers various ad formats, including PPC banners, to help monetize your website.

Alternatively, you have the opportunity to generate income through affiliate marketing. This involves promoting and selling products or services on your blog for others, earning a share of the revenue in return. Affiliate marketing falls beyond the scope of this article and will be addressed in a separate article.

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